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Nov 27

Hi everyone!

I’m Meghan a sophomore at Champlain College, the coolest college like ever. I’m studying Public Relations here and my hometown is an hour north of Burlington in Richford, VT.


Well to start, here are some things you should know about moi:

  • I grew up on a Dairy farm
  • My orthodontist is in Canada (yes, I live that close)
  • I love airports
  • I don’t have a favorite color
  • When I was little I wanted to be a cowgirl, a mermaid, and a dolphin trainer all at the same time. Pretty ambitious, eh?
  • My fellow Student Ambassadors are the greatest people you will ever meet, but seriously, EVERY time I work they put a smile on my face. If you come to visit I promise they’ll have the same effect on you!

So although you now know a little bit about one Champlain student, it’s important to realize that at Champlain there is no typical student. I know it’s tempting to ask when on tour, I mean you need to know who your classmates might be. But keep in mind Champlain college is filled with students of all interests. I have friends that have never been to Canada or have seen a cow. But that’s the beauty of college life. As a college student at Champlain and especially in Burlington, you get the opportunity to meet people from all different walks of life with tons of different interests. You won’t be alone though, I assure you, more then likely in this college town of 20,000 students you will find tons of people who like the same things as you do. So you see, you get the best of both worlds here! We are all young adults, and the possibilities are endless for friendships. This is one of the many reasons I’m so truly happy in Burlington. Do I ever have to leave?


Meghan St.Pierre

Class of 15′


Nov 16

Hello Friends!

Again, its me, Julia (you-leah) and today is the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break.

Some people are going home, some are going to friends’ houses, some students are even staying here at Champlain. But guess where I am going?! MONTREAL!

That’s right! Montreal! Today, after work, I’m taking the Greyhound bus to…

What, Montreal?


Can you tell I’m excited?

Oh there is so much to do! The city is beautiful, the food in restaurants is delicious, and I’m going to have so much fun! A couple of my good friends are studying abroad there right now! As you may or may not know, Champlain has campuses in Montreal and Dublin! That means same tuition, same financial aid, same credits.  Even though Montreal is only about two hours away, the culture in Quebec is so different.

I’m so excited! I hope so are you for your Thanksgiving break!

Have a good one!

Always, Julia


P.S. I’m going to Montreal.


Nov 16

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So Thanksgiving break is quickly approaching and you might be wondering what it is like to go home for thanksgiving break as a college student. For me, being a Junior, I look forward to getting a week off from school and getting to see my friends and family as well as eating a huge Thanksgiving meal. It is also a good time to relax and maybe, maybe, get some school work done.

When I was a first year student, I looked forward to going home for Thanksgiving. Being away for three months of college was the longest I had ever been away from home. It can be sort of weird to go home, at first. The differences of living at college and living at home can be vast. I realized this when I went home for my first Thanksgiving as a college student. There is definitely a “border” for me when I travel home. At a certain point, I begin to get into a “home” state of mind and leave the “college” state of mind behind. This happens in reverse on the way back to school.

Now you may wonder what the difference between a “home” state of mind and a “college” state of mind. When you go to the bathroom at home and you bring your id card, you know you’re still in a “college” state of mind. Or when you’re back at college and you forget to bring quarters with you to the laundry, you know you’re still in a “home” state of mind.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Nov 13

I do not know what it is about Champlain College but it has some sort of magic that attracts some of the most talented individuals I have ever met. Every Wednesday night Champlain College hosts the Grind coffee house which is an open mic event held in the student life center, IDX building. Students come and play instruments, sing, dance, poetry, do stand up, anything is a possibility. It was until my sophomore year that I realized how talented the individuals I go to school with really are. The quiet guy in the back of my concepts class could also play the guitar and sing, the girl with asthma in my drawing class could sing opera. These are things that most people never get to learn about each other, but not at Champlain.

The Grind fosters a super supportive community for everyone and you even get a free t-shirt if you perform! I personally have been playing the guitar for the past 7 years, and “attempting” to sing for 2 and have never had the desire to perform in front of people let alone my peers because I was afraid. The idea of not knowing how people would react to my music or my voice was terrifying. My second year I decided to finally perform at the Grind and it was one of the best experiences of my life. The Grind is such a great and supportive community so I really had nothing to be afraid of. I love music and I love lyrics because I think that music can express something that words can’t. Listening to music is great, but playing music is amazing. I now look forward to every Wednesday at my school because I am happy to share my “talent” with other people and really see how talented other individuals are!

It is amazing what you can find when you are not actually looking for it, finding things you have in common with complete strangers is really awesome and helps you step outside of your comfort zone.



Champlain College class of 2015′

Nov 08

Hey! My name is Caitlin and I am currently a freshman marketing major and Student Ambassador here at Champlain! If someone was to ask me what I love most about Champlain besides the academics, activities, and oppurtunities…. I would say MY ROOM!!

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest deciding factors in choosing a college is the living conditions, and here at Champlain, you luck out! As freshman, you will get to live in one of our restored Victorian era mansions, yes, mansions!!!! All of the rooms are different and each one in every residence hall has cool wood work and architechure that makes every from unique! For example, I live in a triple and we have a fireplace AND we live in the tower of Mcdonald Hall! Early next week I will upload some pictures of some residence halls rooms, including mine, in some of our residential halls like McDonald, Whiting, and the common spaces of our new residence hall, Juniper! This way you can check out the rooms and have a few great examples of what the residence halls look like!

Rooomates!!! Potetially the scariest part of college!! Have no fear! Champlain does it right!! You have two options…random roommate (ahhh!) or pick your roommate (oohh!!!) I took a chance and did random roommate and I LOVE THEM! Champlain has you fill out a survery and take a personality assesment during the summer before your freshman year, so that they can pair you with someone that you have things in common with! But, don’t worry if you don’t like your roommate or roommates it isn’t the end of the world! It just gives you a great excuse to get involved on campus and make new friends through a job or clubs that you join!

Which dorm is the best dorm? Well, I am biased because I think that my dorm is the best dorm, but if you asked 100 people at Champlain what the best dorm is, you will get 100 different answers. Why is that? Because everyone thinks that their dorm is or was (depending on their year) the best dorm on campus! There aren’t any bad dorms at Champlain! They are all located right on campus or right off the main campus! So walking to class will only take you a max of 5 minutes! It’s great!! All the dorms are beautiful inside and are wonderfully maintained by the students and the professional cleaners that come by and clean the bathrooms and showers everyday!

Will I have RA’s? Yes! Every dorm has atleast two RA’s! They are here to help you and to keep you safe! You will develope a great relationship with your RA and they will plan fun activites for your dorm to do as a group! The dorms are small! The biggest holding around 50-55 students (Freshman dorms that is). This way, you really get to know EVERYONE in our dorm and your RA will help you with that! Before you know it, your dorm will become your family!

Laundry….. Don’t you worry! Laundry is super easy and everyone in your dorm will help you learn if you don’t already know how! Each wash is $1.25 and each dry is $1.25. The machines are located on the ground floor of EVERY res hall and take quarters or your Champlain Cash Card! We also have this cool thing called Champlain Laundry View! You can look at the laundry room online (its animated) and see which machines are open and how much time is left on each machine! You can also get a text message sent to your phone telling you that your laundry is done! Cool right?

What can I bring/What do I get?! You can bring a fridge (see out website to find the exact requiremnts) a T.V, game consules and any other electronics you want!! You CANNOT bring anything that heats up. That includes microwaves, hotplates, coffee makers/hotplates, juicers, blenders, kureigs, anything along thoes lines. Since we live in restored mansions we don’t want anything to happen to the house! However, there is a communal microwave on the ground floor of everyhouse, so you can still have your late night Ramen :) When you get to champlain you get a bed, a matress, a dresser, a desk, a chair and some sort of closet space. The closet can be built into the wall and if you don’t have a built in closet you can an armoire to hang up your clothes in!

If you have any questions about ANYTHING, we are all super nice and would love to hear from you! you can email us at [email protected]

Nov 08

So, seeing as it is Thursday and most of you are probably wondering what there is to do on the weekends in Burlington….

One of my favorite things to do is take part in the FREE, yes you read that correctly, activities going on. Whether it’s on campus or in the Burlington area, there is always something FREE to do. Some things going on this weekend…


  • Free Movie Night: you get to go to the movie theatre and see what ever movie you want that is out right now, free movie and free transportation
  • Tent City: Students sign up to live in a tent for a night to experience what it would be like to be homeless and hear from speakers in the Burlington area on the issue.
  • DreamCatcher Making!
  • Henna Tattoo’s
  • As well as a variety of club meetings

If you want to see more events going on campus, you can go to:

As far as events in Burlington:

  • G Love and Special Sauce as well as Barefoot Truth are playing this weekend at Higher Ground (, which is a 5-10 minute bus ride from Champlain
  • Going to Echo Lake Aquarium ( is also a popular activity for students. It is a short walk down the hill, on the waterfront.
  • RENT is playing at the Flynn Theatre (
  • UVM Women’s Hockey plays Northeastern, FREE tickets (
  • Concerts at North End Studios (
  • Live Comedians at Levity, $5 with a Student id

These are just a sampling of the events going on this weekend. If you want to check out more in the Burlington area, check out these links:

Seven Days

Burlington Free Press

UVM Student Events Calendar

365 Things to Do Around Burlington

Church Street Marketplace

Have a GREAT weekend everyone,


Nov 06

Hello Friends, I’m Julia!

NOTE: Its pronounced You-Leah. In case you were wondering….. Anyways.

I grew up in Germany, but moved to Colorado when I was 15. After High School I took a whole year off, worked four jobs at once and ended up traveling all the way to New Zealand, where I got to work and volunteer at the Department of Conservation and check off all my items on my bucket list (that includes skydiving, bungee jumping, caving, glacier hiking, jet boating, white water rafting, etc).

That being said, I am now a Sophomore at Champlain College, studying International Business, and let me tell you something;

Its Awesome!!

Champlain has everything I ever wanted. Check this out:

  • My first semester I got to “own” my own Coffee Shop with the business simulation called BizCafe! My Coffee Shop was called “The Caf, Eh?!”
  • As a sophomore I have already worked closely with the local Outdoor Gear Exchange and Green Mountain Coffee Roaster
  • I’ve got to hear the Irish Ambassador speak and take workshops form companies like the Emily Post Institute
  • Our business division just received the Freeman Grant, that allows 15 students to travel to CHINA for a 13 week internship, all expenses paid
  • I am going to study abroad in Barcelona AND Montreal
  • AND I might be able to go for one semester to the Thunderbird School of Global Management, one of the top International Business Schools in the world!
  • With a GPA 3.5 or higher, after graduation, Champlain Students are automatically accepted  in NYU’s Grad School Program, and if I do decided to with the Thunderbird program, I will be accepted there as well.


Nov 05

Hey readers!
My name is Emma, I am one of 24 Student Ambassadors at Champlain College. I love my job as an “SA”; we get to talk to prospective students, give tours of the school and work all of the admissions events.

A little more about me:
As I said, my name is Emma. I am a Junior at Champlain, studying Graphic Design and Digital Media with a minor in Marketing. I am originally from Rochester, New York and a huge fan of nearly all the sports teams in Western, NY. My favorite being the Sabres and the Amerks! For as long as I can remember, my favorite color has been yellow and my favorite animals are elephants. I am addicted to Downton Abbey, Gilmore Girls and The Office. In my free time, I love to go skating (figure skating), take photos or draw. One of my favorite places to take photos is at the waterfront in Burlington at sunset. It’s a must-see for any Champlain student.

At Champlain, I am involved in a number of activities. Everything from Marketing Club to CHAMP, which plans activities on campus, to creating a Jewish group on campus to Poker Club, which my friends started. I have also been involved in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Center for Service and Civic Engagement and the LEAD offices at Champlain. I have found that getting involved at Champlain is very easy and accessible to all students. Whether it be a job on campus or creating clubs or activities, most students get involved.

I will be posting about my week on the blog so be sure to tune back in each day.

If you have any questions about being a student at Champlain or just any questions in general, you can contact me at: [email protected] and put my name in the subject line. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram (ChampEdu), Twitter and Tumblr.

That’s all for now,


Oct 30


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Hey guys,
Welcome to the Champlain Student Ambassador blog!
Champlain College is a private institution in Burlington, VT, founded in 1878.
To learn more about Champlain, check out our website.

This blog will be maintained by Student Ambassadors. Student Ambassadors are student representatives that work in the admissions office. As Student Ambassadors, we give tours, talk to prospective students and work admissions events. We love talking to prospective students about Champlain.

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